Suresh Kumar G

Founder & CEO – Pepul

Suresh Kumar Gunasekaran was born on January 28, 1982, and is better known as Suresh Anna (Elder Brother) among the students, youth & his staff and is well known for his audacious unimaginable vision of building companies with People-First culture among fellow entrepreneurs & business leaders.

Suresh is the founder & Chief Executive Officer of Chennai-based Pepul Tech Pvt Ltd. He is a well-known entrepreneur for his co-founded bootstrapped multi-million-dollar company called MacAppStudio, which he co-founded along with his childhood friend
George Christopher.

Suresh earned his Engineering degree from Mookambigai College, Trichy. Suresh has been awarded World’s Most Valuable Developer by Intel and won $200K prize money. He is one of the youngest and first in Asia to get the highest recognition of Intel BlackBelts and a three-time winner of worldwide developer Challenges. Suresh hails from Trichy, Rettaivaikal, have reached greater heights in life by earning respect from fellow entrepreneurs, colleagues, staff, students, youth, family members & friends.

Suresh has inspired & given confidence to over two lakhs of students from 200+ colleges from rural places with his speeches and also through his LinkedIn post, which motivated many students & aspiring & fellow entrepreneurs.