Mohan Babu Raja

Technology Leader- Software Craftmanship

“The future is still so much bigger than the past,” said Tim Berners-Lee talking about the web. That would be an apt introductory line for Mohan Babu Raja (fondly called as Mohan) who is yet to show the world the complete palette of his creative skills.

19-years young in the world of technology, Mohan has excelled at will in the world of design and development bringing to life several highly secure, scalable, maintainable, and impressively performing consumer / enterprise mobile solutions integrated with middleware / backend systems.

Always a student of the ever-growing world of technology, Mohan is a certified mobile, cloud and data security professional. His innate love and passion for technology has time and again helped create layers of security around systems with consummate ease.

Mohan is an ubiquitous technologist who loves challenging the status quo and takes pride in providing end-to-end solutions. Fueled by his never-ending thirst for knowledge and coupled by his strong leadership skills, Mohan has propelled to top roles within his organization and likes leading from the front.

The strength of a tree lies in the roots and Mohan is a living example of that. A college topper of MITS 2003 and eight years of technical education has been a strong platform for Mohan’s zeal that has metamorphosed the enthusiast in him into a technology marvel.

Away from the world of bits and bytes, Mohan loves spending time with friends and seeks solace in nature. He has recently started trekking mountains and is getting ready to scale greater peaks there too!